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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Smog Can Make Blood Pressure Soar: Studies
Early Alzheimer's Linked to Brain 'Leakage'
Many Parents Ill-Informed About Kids' Asthma Meds
Most Smokers Don't Stick With E-Cigarettes
Zika Infections Through Sex More Common Than Thought: WHO
Migraines Take Toll on Spouse
Baby's Early Walking May Mean Stronger Bones as Teen
Researchers Uncover Surprises About Celiac Disease
Scans Spot Brain Region That Misfires in Depressed People
Money, Language Barriers Can Affect Kids' Brain Injury Care
Ocaliva Approved for Rare Liver Disease
Health Highlights: May 31, 2016
Health Tip: Identifying Varicose Veins
Health Tip: Talk to Your Doctor About Heartburn
Most Americans Aware of Zika Threat, But Gaps in Knowledge Remain
Women With Migraine May Face Higher Threat of Heart Disease, Stroke
Kids' Concussion Rates May Be Higher Than Thought
Calling Your Kid 'Fat' Could Be Counterproductive
New Test Helps Identify Rare Genetic Diseases in Newborns
Lupus a Tough Disease to Spot, Treat
Lifestyle May Be Key to Improving ADHD in Kids
Even Kiddie Pools Pose Danger
Health Tip: Coping With Hip Arthritis
Health Tip: Women, Don't Neglect Your Health
Sun Protection Comes in Many Forms
Don't Let Bad Food Spoil a Good Barbecue
NIH Experts Cast Doubt on Rat Study Linking Cellphones, Tumors
U.S. Officials Confirm Superbug Resistant to All Antibiotics
Exploring Zika's Path Through the Placenta
Music Soothes Nervous Eye Surgery Patients
Is Smoking During Pregnancy Tied to Offspring's Schizophrenia Risk?
6 Sun Safety Tips for 'Don't Fry Day'
New Labeling Offers More Protection for Meat Lovers
Make That Memorial Day BBQ Tasty -- and Safe
Pet Pooch May Help Ease PTSD in Veterans
Asthma Symptoms Can Bloom in Springtime
Fewer Inhaled Steroids May Be OK for Asthmatic Children
Health Highlights: May 27, 2016
Health Tip: Using Aspirin Therapy
Health Tip: Breathe Healthier Air at Home
FDA Approves Implant to Battle Opioid Addiction
Some Experts Question Extent of Zika Threat to U.S.
Fewer U.S. Kids Die From Abusive Head Trauma: CDC
Healthy Living May Offset Genetic Breast Cancer Risk
Breast Milk Best From the Breast?
Knee Replacement Patients May Be Able to Hit the Shower Sooner
1.2 Million U.S. College Students Boozing on Average Day
Tough Economy, Alcohol Fuels Suicide Risk in Men: Study
Fastballs a Fast Track to 'Tommy John Surgery'?
Message for Heart Failure Patients: Exercise
Global Recession May Have Contributed to Cancer Deaths
Probuphine Implant Approved for Opioid Dependence
Health Highlights: May 26, 2016
Health Tip: Enjoy a Healthier Mexican Meal
Health Tip: Protect Your Hands While Gardening
Genetic Insights May Help Kids Battling Developmental Delays
2 New Findings Offer Hope for Those With Severe Hemophilia
'Fat Shaming' Begins in First Grade
Predeployment Riskiest Time for Military Suicide Attempts
What Doctors Aren't Telling Obese, Young Adults
Researchers Find 8 Immune Genes in Aggressive Brain Cancer
Smoking Harms Black Americans' Kidneys, Study Suggests
Hepatitis C Patients More Likely to Drink, Study Finds
Common Abnormal Heart Rhythm Linked to Cancer Risk
Kids' Grades May Suffer When Families Move
Pot While Pregnant May Raise Premature Birth Risk: Study
Doctors Spot New Vision Problems in Babies Struck by Zika
Air Pollution Tied to Stillbirth in Small Study
Health Highlights: May 25, 2016
Health Tip: Swaddle Baby Safely
Health Tip: When a Child Complains of Back Pain
Drink Spiking a Problem on U.S. Campuses
Weight-Loss Surgery Helps Treat Type 2 Diabetes
Time to Drop the 'No-Eating Rule' Before Colonoscopy?
Colon Cancer Rising in People Under 50
Balloon-in-a-Pill May Be New Weight-Loss Tool
After Heart Attack, New Threat: Heart Failure
Most Americans Wouldn't Join a Clinical Trial, Survey Finds
What Really Works to Help Baby Sleep
More Evidence That Smog a Heart Threat
High-Salt Diets May Raise Heart Risks for Kidney Patients
No Welcome Mats for Diabetes, Obesity in 'Walkable' Neighborhoods
Antidepressants Not Just for Depression Any More
Hormone May Be Linked to Teenage Obesity
Health Highlights: May 24, 2016
Health Tip: Help Protect Your Vision
Health Tip: Have Headaches? Speak to Your Doctor
More Young Adults Now Live With Parents Than Romantic Partner
Loss of Y Chromosome in Men Tied to Alzheimer's Risk
Blood Pressure Swings Linked to Faster Decline in Mental Skills
Living Near Fast-Food Places Hurts Less-Educated Most
Stool Transplant Soothes Tough-to-Treat Colitis in Study
Too Many Advanced Cancer Patients Lack Info About Their Disease
Whooping Cough Shot Safe for Pregnant Women
Home Remedy For Skin Cancer May Cause Damage, Mask New Growth
Extreme 'Preemies' Often Have Lifelong Challenges
At Least 1 Full-Time Nurse Per School, Pediatric Group Recommends
Late Dinners Won't Doom Kids to Obesity
Tai Chi: Rx for Arthritic Knees
Fertility Info Lacking for Young Women Who Beat Cancer
Could 'Star Trek'-Like 'Tricorder' for Health Be Near?
Health Highlights: May 23, 2016
Health Tip: Caring For Your Teeth During Pregnancy
Health Tip: Losing Your Hair?
7 Ways to Give Ticks the Slip
Seeing the Sea Soothes Stress
Health Highlights: May 21, 2016
Cases of Pregnant U.S. Women With Zika Triple Under New Counting Method
FDA Unveils Makeover of Nutrition Facts Label
Could a Low-Salt Diet Hurt Your Health?
Updated Heart Failure Treatment Guidelines Issued
Folic Acid for Moms-to-Be Not as Effective as Thought?
Elderly Benefit From Intensive Blood Pressure Treatment
Delayed Treatment for Concussion May Prolong Recovery
Concussion Tied to More School Problems Than Other Sports Injuries
Newer Drugs Helping Older People With Eye Disease
Growth Spurts Can Throw Off Teen Boys' Strut
Frat Brothers Keep Chugging Despite Anti-Booze Efforts
Health Highlights: May 20, 2016
Health Tip: Enjoy Screen-Free Fun With Your Preschooler
Health Tip: Reduce Your Risk of a Stress Fracture
Thousands of Public Pools, Hot Tubs Closed for Dirty Water: CDC
Melanoma Drug Boosting Survival for Many, Study Shows
'Precision' Cancer Treatment May Extend Lives
A Little Excess Weight May Boost Colon Cancer Survival
States With More Gun Owners Have More Gun-Related Suicides: Study
Fatty Foods During Teen Years May Influence Later Breast Cancer Risk
Pointy Nose, Snub Nose? These Genes May Decide
25 Million Americans Will Struggle With Vision Problems by 2050
'Sunscreen' Gene May Guard Against Skin Cancer
Family Rejection Triples Risk for Suicide Attempts by Transgender People: Study
FDA Approves New Drug to Treat Bladder Cancer
Asian-Americans in Better Health Than Other U.S. Adults
Aspirin After Mini-Stroke May Help Prevent Full-Blown Stroke
U.S. Motorcycle Deaths Up 10 Percent in Last Year
Sex, Breast Milk May Have Helped Spread Ebola in Africa
Health Highlights: May 19, 2016
Health Tip: Going Low-Calorie?
Health Tip: Watch Medication Use During Pregnancy
Tumor Location Affects Colon Cancer Survival: Study
Prior C-Section Raises Risk of Complications With Home Birth
Is Monthly Rotation of Medical Residents a Risky Time for Patients?
Giving Certain Foods Early May Cut Allergy Risk
Pain, Epilepsy Drug Lyrica May Increase Birth Defects Risk, Study Suggests
ADHD Can First Appear in Young Adulthood for Some, Study Suggests
Early Palliative Care Seems to Help Caregivers, Too
Why Heavy Drinking Seems to Boost Desire to Smoke More
Antibacterial Agent May Not Be a Dirty Word After All: Study
Drug Protects Lung Function in Kids With Sickle Cell: Study
Experts Rank America's 'Fittest Cities' -- Is Yours One of Them?
Many Smokers Have COPD Symptoms, Without Diagnosis
High HIV Rates for Gay Men in Some Southern Cities
Too Few Americans Take Advantage of Local Parks
Health Highlights: May 18, 2016
Health Tip: Practice Rhythmic Breathing
Health Tip: Boost Your Mood
Genetically Modified Crops Are Safe: Review
Could Spuds Be Bad for Blood Pressure?
Scientists Test 'Magic Mushroom' Chemical for Tough-to-Treat Depression
How Much Time Is Left? Doctors, Loved Ones Often Disagree
HIV Patients Less Likely to Get Treatment for Cancer: Study
1 in 3 Female Doctors Faces Sexual Harassment, Survey Finds
Keep Busy! Stay Sharp!
Rural Hospitals Often Safer, Cheaper for Common Surgeries: Study
Why Pleasant Mealtimes Could Be Key to Alzheimer's Care
Joe Montana Scoring Points Against Heart Disease
Marriage a Buffer Against Drinking Problems?
Giving the 'Green Light' to Migraine Relief
As Fitness Levels Rise, Diabetes Risk Drops
Middle Schoolers Exposed to Alcohol Ads Every Day: Study
Health Highlights: May 17, 2016
Health Tip: Massage May Help You Sleep Better
Health Tip: Apply Mosquito Repellent Correctly